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Cleaning right away saves many items from having to be replaced. 

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Should I attempt any of the cleaning myself?
One of the biggest mistakes homeowners can make is to treat fire or soot damage like any other kind of clean-up. Smoke damage restoration consists of numerous processes involving odor removal techniques, the process of removing a toxic substance from your instrument and conteracting it's toxic effects are complex. Simple store products such as bleach, baking soda and clearners are not effective in the successful removal of smoke damaging odors. This will often create more problems in the end. Just let the professonals do the work the very nature of smoke, soot odor deposits may at times react unfavorably to incompatible methods or products used. If you have a smoked damaged piano, contact us immediately we have the proven products and services that will help in this process. Note: Latex gloves must always be used when moving or working with smoke damaged pianos.

Information Concering Water/Moisture Damage


Water can be "WOODS" worst enemy and its best friend. Exposure to or absorption in water can indeed be very damaging to a piano. Even the exposure or extreme changes in temperature and humidity-moisture for a few days or hours in homes with damaged roofs or frozen and burst pipes can create extended instability in an instrument and result in copious issues such as mold and other bacteria. Pockets of water that can form in the many areas of the piano which cannot effectively be reached without disassembling the piano, these areas are made up of wood, cloth and bushed centers pins that attach to the keyboard, under leavers, back action as well as the top action. This will corrode, rust and warp action parts, as time proceeds the piano becomes more sluggish, and difficult to play. With over 12,000 parts in a grand piano (9,000 or so you can’t see!), it would be hopeless to give even a general idea of worth without physically looking at a piano. In cases of extremely humid conditions wood swells up and often cracks, and often during contraction the glue joints fail, soundboards swell and break loose from the inner rim, along with action parts and wood struts that hold the piano together. This is caused by swelling and contraction of the piano parts. In cases of water damage don't hesitate to get the piano to us ASAP as most restoration companies will rapidly remove all water and moisture 100% down to 10% in a matter of days. This is a damaging process for all wooden structures. A piano is an investment and a thing of beauty which should not be neglected. With a little careful attention you can help preserve a piano throughout the years, this is another reason that I suggest a climate control system for the piano.Pianolifesaver Systems. Keep the humidity around the piano as constant as possible. (40-45 percent) Make sure the piano is not near heating or cooling vents, doors, stoves, direct sunlight or windows. An interior wall away from the elements is always preferable.

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