Crofton Piano Company Storage

Crofton Piano Company Storage

Rates: upright - $75/month; grand - $150/month; concert or square grand - $200/month 

Terms and Conditions 

If it is agreed that we (Crofton Piano Company) will provide a storage facility for your piano.
The agreement for storage will be subject to the following additional terms and conditions:

1. We will undertake reasonable care and duty towards the piano to protect it,
and to maintain appropriate insurance. In the event of damage, the insurance value will
be determined by our insurance brokers' loss assessor.

2. We are not responsible for any natural disaster.

3. Payment is due on the first of each month.

4. You are responsible for providing us with an up to date contact address and telephone number 
while the piano is in our storage.

5. You may end the contract for storage of a piano by providing us with written notice of two weeks.
We may end the contract for storage of your piano by giving you one months
notice in writing. This clause is subject to payments for storage being up to date.

6. If payment of storage charges is behind by three months, on giving you one month notice, we are entitled
to require you to remove the piano from our storage and pay all money due to us.
If you fail to do so we may take further court action.

7. If you do not provide us with a correct contact address/telephone number for you for the entire period 
the piano is in storage with us, then we reserve the right to sell the piano to meet any unpaid fees for storage.

8. After a six months period you get one free tuning in-house and a cleaning before delivery.




Contact us

Please call (410) 721-0815 or  (410) 562-9375

pianos by appointment only. Usually someone is here but to be sure please call or email before coming to the shop. Thank you Crofton Piano Company.

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